The Blind Date Diaries

by Brenda St John Brown

My Ratings

Plot – ★★★★☆
Character Development – ★★★☆☆
World Building – ★★★☆☆
Editing – ★★★★☆
Enjoyment – ★★★★☆


Dating? Lower than a bikini wax on my list of priorities. Blind dating? Let’s just say I’d rather have a Brazilian – and not the hot soccer-player variety.
So the fact I’ve agreed to do a blind-date feature for Pink, the magazine I work for, and write it all up Bridget Jones style means one thing – Pink is in dire straits and this is my best shot at saving my job. Make that my only shot because date number one is with Jack Reese – the son of the publisher of Pink – and he dislikes me as much as I dislike him.
Or at least I thought he did.

The Review

Meet Angeline; she’s a 30-something ex-Manhattan social climber nursing a broken heart after her ex-fiance gets caught texting another woman. She’s moved back to her hometown, into her dad’s spare room, and now works as an assistant editor for Pink magazine.

Understandably, she wants nothing to do with romance but realistically has an itch that needs to be scratched. This leads to a vodka-fuelled almost tryst that sets a precedent for this story. After her failed attempt to have a casual male-to-female interaction, she is left feeling embittered towards her would-be Lothario.

Pink is having problems, their paper copy sales of the magazine are in decline, and something is needed to boost interest and revenue for the failing company as a whole.

This is where The Blind Date Diaries comes to fruition; a Bachelorette crossed with Bridget Jones’ Diaries style month-long feature.

Angelina’s first date, however, is none other than Mr Vodka Tryst.

Brenda St John Brown has created a cute, easy read rom-com novel where the witty one-liners will have you chuckling away to yourself. It’s a typical chick-lit story with the expected ending, so hop in and enjoy Angeline’s quirky adventure!

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